Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

Many homeowners don’t realize that their indoor comfort system operates approximately 3300 hours per year.

To put this “run time” into perspective, a car driven for the same 3300 hours at 100 km’s an hour would travel 330,000 kms! No one would consider such a journey without arranging for oil changes, lubrication, and routine tune ups along the way to ensure the efficiency, safety, and reliability of the vehicle.
At Fagnan’s we recommend that your furnace be serviced at least once a year in Calgary and that your ducts be cleaned every 2-4 years. It is a well proven and documented fact that a furnace which has been properly maintained operates much more efficiently than a furnace that hasn’t been maintained.
In fact, you could save up to 30% a year on utility bills with a well-maintained furnace!
Millions of airbourne particles and gases travel through your furnace 3-4 times an hour! The air we breathe affects our health, comfort, and productivity. These effects can pose a threat to your health either in the short term or the long term. You can improve your quality of air for a small investment, and enjoy fresh air year round. 
Cleaner air means a healthier home!

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