What Else Should I Know?

When choosing an air duct cleaner, avoid making your decision solely on the price. The quality of job should be your highest priority. The quality you receive from Fagnan’s will help your savings in energy costs, comfort, and the life of your equipment. 

Find out exactly what is included in our competitors pricing. Don’t be fooled by $59.00 duct cleaning specials. They give these special prices to get into your home, then add surprise charges or “sell-up” on additional cleaning which isn’t necessary or should already be included. Unfortunately, these cheaper deals turn out to cost way more then you bargained for. The biggest scam in Calgary right now is when a salesman from a certain local store calls you to offer you a “free inspection”. These salesmen come into your home and give you false information about your equipment. Then continue to forcibly sell you on things you don’t necessarily need. These salesmen are making hundreds or even thousands of dollars on innocent, uneducated consumers. Please beware.   
Our technicians will give you honest opinions, and only offer you what is required. We have no hidden charges and all costs are up front before we proceed to work on your home.  Call us today and discover why we’ve been servicing Calgary and area for over 40 years. 

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