In Canada under the Energy Efficiency Regulations, the AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) performance level for gas fired furnaces was raised to a minimum of 90% efficiency effective January 1, 2010. The more energy efficient the furnace, the more money you save.

Replacing your furnace can be as simple as a phone call...

There are usually many reasons why you might be thinking about replacing your gas-fired furnace. A majority of people usually find themselves replacing their furnaces because they simply don’t function efficiently any more, they have broken down, or the furnace has been condemned by their natural gas supplier. Another good reason to replace an aging  furnace might be because your fuel bills are becoming excessive. Whatever the reason, you can feel confident that Fagnan’s will provide you with the best products for your home.

Fagnan’s Furnace has been using many different brands of products over the last 44 years, and we recommend Carrier as our top brand because of the success we’ve had with their equipment. Carrier's products and support in Calgary has made it easy for us to deal with them since 1981!

Carrier’s furnaces range from 92% AFUE to 97.4% AFUE, which means for every dollar you spend on gas, up to 97 cents of it is being used to heat you home, while the other 3 cents is going through your chimney and into the atmosphere. Compared to a furnace that is 20+ years old, which is usually 55%-65% AFUE. All of Carriers furnaces carry the ENERGY STAR standard.

Carrier's Infinity 98 Furnace was rated "ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Furnace" in 2012!

The furnaces manufactured today are way more advanced than the old style furnace; the whole heating philosophy has changed for the better. It isn’t as simple as replacing your furnace with a newer model, many furnaces are equipped with either a single-stage gas valve, a two-stage gas valve, or even a modulating gas valve.

The blower motors are equipped with either a fixed speed motor, a Basic ECM motor, or a full featured variable speed motor. So all these different options don’t make it “heat on, or heat off’ anymore. We can actually size a furnace to control the temperature in your house to within .03 degrees of the actual temperature, while we reduce your electricity and gas consumption significantly.


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