Single-Stage, Two-Stage or Modulating Gas Valve?

Choosing a single-stage gas valve. two-stage gas valve. or a modulating-gas valve:

A single-stage gas valve runs at full capacity all the time. Even when your home only requires very little heat you’re furnace will run at full capacity, which uses more gas, which will reflect on your gas bill.

A two-stage gas valve starts at 65% capacity, only when required does the 2nd stage gas kick in (full capacity). On an average day, your 2nd stage-gas valve will usually turn on during the cold morning, but the sun will come out and your furnace will usually run on the 1st stage for the reminder of the day. This will save gas, and save you money.

Another benefit of a two-stage gas valve is quieter operation from the furnace, and a more consistent temperature with no temperature swings.

A modulating-gas valve introduces more stages, this allows precision temperature control. The benefits of a modulating-gas valve are they are among the quietest furnaces on the market; they reduce gas bills a little more, and are capable of controlling the temperature in your house to within .03 degrees.

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