Fixed Speed Motor, Basic ECM Motor, or a Full Featured Variable Speed Motor?

A Fixed Speed Motor is designed to basically come on at one speed, one RPM, and one CFM. Many problems may arise from this such as the design of your duct work. Some hot air pipes only receive minimal air, while others receive way to much. This causes cold spots in your home, major temperature swings, and the noise could sometimes be very noticeable. Such as watching TV and constantly having to turn the TV volume up and down depending on the furnace turning on.  

There are many benefits to choosing a Basic ECM "X13" Motor for your furnace blower. The main benefit is the constant air flow, even when the heat isn’t on, the fan will run at a very low speed to rotate the air in your home. This will help to get rid of temperature swings, cold spots, and help with the air quality in your home.

The best furnace motor you can choose is the Full Featured Variable Speed Motor, which has up to 18 different speeds. The benefit of this motor is it will react to your existing duct work, adapt its speed, and give you the best possible airflow while maintaining the lowest speed neccesary. This motor also has the benefits of running your fan constantly to rotate the air in your home.

Another major benefit of the Basic ECM Motor and Full Featured Variable Speed Motor is the energy efficiency due to the precise electronic controls, which allows efficiency at any speed. Studies have shown that your annual energy cost can be as low as $30, compared to a Fixed Speed Motor which can be approximately $300. A Basic ECM Motor and Full Featured Variable Speed Motor runs quieter, are more efficient, and provides more comfort to your home.

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