Will A New Furnace Work With Existing Duct Work?

In a majority of homes we can use all the existing duct work. However, all homes are different and some homes require additional hot air runs, or cold air returns. In homes were access is limited to all duct work we recommend investing into a high efficiency furnace with the variable speed motor.

The variable-speed motor is capable of adjusting speeds accordingly to the size and resistance of your duct work, allowing it to adapt to any type of ductwork.

However, newer furnaces do push more airflow then older furnaces. That why at Fagnan's we like to replace your existing return air drop to something a little larger. This will help accommodate the added air flow feeding into your furnace. We also add a canvas connector to absorb vibrations, a curved boot at the bottom to help guide airflow into the furnace, and increase the size of the filter rack to increase the distance of travel.

These added features to your return air drop makes a huge difference in the noise coming from your new furnace. So much difference that we have made it the new standard in furnace replacements.

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