Why Do I Need A Ventilator?

Ventilators work with your furnace and draw fresh air into your home while an equal amount of stale air gets exhausted outside. The fresh air that comes inside thru the ventilator gets filtered before it reaches the furnace. The warm stale air from your home passes through a cross-flow filter, and heats up the cold fresh air coming into your home. Warm fresh air gets distributed to each room of the house through the furnace duct system.

The improved designs of today’s homes have increased the energy efficiency of a house. The energy costs in our homes have been greatly reduced. However, with our homes being so “tight” it has created an environmental problem by trapping pollutants and humidity.
This could be a threat to your family’s health and comfort. The combination of humidity, cooking odours, pet dander, cigarette smoke, and other things can cause stale air. This stale air could aggravate breathing problems like asthma and cause headaches and colds.
Ventilators come in different shape and sizes and must be sized correctly. Call Fagnan’s for a free estimate and evaluation!

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